What do we do?

We act as agents with existing e-marketplace platforms like Takealot, Jumia, Amazon etc to offer a turnkey e-commerce solution so that you can focus on your core business. Through the marketplace, we list the products you wish to sell and take control of the order from purchase to delivery.

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What is an e-Marketplace?

The E-commerce marketplace is a website where one can find different brands of products coming from multiple vendors. The marketplace owner is responsible for attracting customers and processing transactions, while the third party vendors deal with the manufacturing and shipping. Marketplaces streamline the shopping process through one simple portal, where the vendors sell their products directly to the consumers, therefore avoiding the process of stocks holding. This supply chain management method is usually referred to as dropshipping.
The entire marketplace runs on one software infrastructure, allowing all the vendors to sell their goods under the umbrella of one website. These companies take a percentage of the sales on any product sold across the platform, as well as distribution and storage fees depending on the agreement with the marketplace.

  • An e-marketplace allows the business or platform operators to charge a cut on the products that the vendors sell therefore exponentially increasing the profit opportunities.
  • E-marketplaces provide a transparent purchasing process as factors such as the prices of the product and availability of the stock are all accessible on a single platform in an open environment.
  • Better opportunities for suppliers and buyers to establish new trading relationships either within or across their supply chain.
  • Time constraints for trading across geographies are eliminated because of the online platform which operates round the clock.

Benefits for Buyers

  • The buyers get a wide variety of options on products to compare on a single website. Thus helping them find the most reasonable price for the best quality product.
  • Real time updated information on the price and availability makes it easier for the buyers to get the best deal.
  • The buyers can find trusted established vendors and build a trading partnership by dealing exclusively with them.

Benefits for Sellers

  • Smaller stores or vendors who are not sure about establishing their own e-commerce website or want to reduce their marketing costs can align themselves with these larger businesses and gain visibility through their fulfillment options.
  • Regular exchange of quotes between the new and the old vendors is possible, thereby streamlining and maintaining- standardization.
  • The platform acts as an additional sales channel to market and sell their products.
  • Enables oversea sales by providing opportunities to trade in the international e-marketplace.

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